Ben Young
Ben Young
May 4, 2018

Given I missed a couple of weeks, this is a bigger edition, I’ve worked to make it as impactful as possible.

This week in conversations, the balance between technology & service has come up a bit, our industry is often the first disrupted by technology – and everyone is feeling it. This is the new world, how can technology companies work with their service partners more effectively? And vice versa. It’s a partnership eco-system, neither can exist without the other. <- Any good reading you come across on this, please do pass my way.

Finally, please join me in helping solve the great New Zealand conspiracy, why is New Zealand disappearing from world maps? #GetNZonthemap

Notable stories this week


  • Sponsored stories coming to FireFox. Would love any data and/or first hand experiences from readers.
  • Microsoft launches AI powered native ads.

Campaign of the Week

  • CBS with Toyota in Vermont, with a brand light integration it’s designed to reflect the audience and the brands relationship, an elegant nod to the native integration. Laid back and shines the light on Vermont culture. Watch the video on storytelling, it’s good.
  • ^ Reminds me of this viking storyteller, also worth a watch (not brand content but great storytelling).
  • Saving our World, a series with Business Insider and BASF. Soak it up.
  • Rolls Royce + National Geographic. I’ve been vibing on this as they have slowly been releasing the hype videos in the build up to their SUV launch. To establish SUV credibility the vehicle is still in pre-launch wrapping so that you focus on its merits. Smart. A partnership with Nat Geo is also not one you would expect from Rolls Royce but it helps impart the adventure and opportunities. Watch a few of the videos here.
  • Submit your own and then view all 2018.

Smartest commentary

  • “NYTimes declare the era of interruptive advertising is over to be replaced by brand-service partnerships.” Tweet by Randall Rothenberg, CEO, IAB
  • “In the end, branded content is like anything else in the current landscape of advertising. If a short film or a podcast or themed experience is going to work for a brand, it must convey the essence of that story, some underlying theme or belief, onto the brand itself.”Ernie Schenck, Editor, Communication Arts
  • “Nobody’s really pulling away from the [tech] platforms”…“But they are looking for partners that can activate across platforms, whether it’s programmatic, branded content, audio, so they can spend less time negotiating a deal with 12 different partners.”Ryan Pauley, VP Revenue Ops at Vox

Datapoints of note


Thanks for reading, we have another dinner coming up on the 31st if you’d like to join.



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