Ben Young
Ben Young
April 13, 2018

It’s Friday!

Last night we hosted our second content dinner of the year. Thank you to all who came along.

With a content studio bias in attendance, some observations;

  1. Everyone has a content studio at this point.
  2. Cheaper ‘viral’ sites can be distracting advertisers from real value.
  3. Brands aren’t adopting long term programmes as much as they should. This offsets setup cost but also allows for experimentation.
  4. The value chain from advertiser through publisher are stretched /= everyone needs more tech + process to simplify and improve.
    • ^ Imagine handling 125 line items between 3 people. A reality for many.
  5. Everyone has video yet it lacks distinctiveness. And that takes time to build that brand, tone of voice and recognition.
  6. Talent is hard to get.

It’s on this last note, we’re adding in a jobs section, to help readers meet each other and/or hire 🙂 Related to this, would love to hear from anyone focused on training + education in the space. The more the merrier.

I’ve also been grateful for feedback on the newsletter, as some have caught we have been experimenting with a live stream chat on Fridays. Follow @giveitanudge.

We’re also likely to port this to a few other formats in time.

The key thread this week has been the Facebook testimony, highlighting how complex ads/data can be. The New Republic’s David Dayen calls for the ban of targeted advertising.

Notable stories this week

  • Noah Brier, founder of Percolate digs in to Information fiduciaries, a must for this week. Noah anchors the chat and highlights a piece from The Atlantic on it from 2016.

‘To protect individual privacy rights, they’ve developed the idea of “information fiduciaries.” In the law, a fiduciary is a person or business with an obligation to act in a trustworthy manner in the interest of another. Examples are professionals and managers who handle our money or our estates. An information fiduciary is a person or business that deals not in money but in information.’

  • Native growth slowing, this is to be expected, as the overall revenue grows the growth rate will decrease. But quietly, more mature players have reached a local maxima, technology + process are needed to break through.
  • Boston Globe sharing two local Bostonian examples. A nice local flavor.
  • [From us/me] How to squeeze more juice from your content investments. Observations and data driven insights on how to improve each and every dollar of investment.
  • Brands are shifting spend to branded content. Yes!
  • Adverty launches a SSP for AR/VR advertising, enabling programmatic buying. Rovio, the studio behind Angry Birds, has been giving it a bash.
  • GroupM’s The Glitch has introduced a new content division called Flux.
  • Vice beefs up its branded content offerings.


Campaign of the Week

Datapoints of note


Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for our periscope this morning, follow @bwagy @giveitanudge, we’ll be discussing this and any questions you may have.



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