Ben Young
Ben Young
March 9, 2017

All was quiet ahead of SxSW — it’s a beautiful blue sky here in NY as I pull together this weeks edition.

I have an ask — I’m collecting feedback on the newsletter, can you answer a couple of questions? Would appreciate any and all feedback.

On the publisher side — we’re seeing promising results with content studios start to hit hard realities of scale. DigiDay digs in to this a bit more. Without technology, native content can’t and won’t scale.

It’s an interesting challenge, we have agencies growing inside businesses not used to the model and/or how to manage it at scale.

I’ve been in that seat, the agency I co-founded in NZ grew 20% m/o/m. It’s combining culture, creative chops and technology! The latter part being that which enables slick, consistent and great work.

If you’re in this position, a great book to read is HBR on Business Model Innovation.

In terms of publishers replacing agencies? I think a new service offering opens up direct lines of business. But the role of the agency as a custodian of a brands objectives will still be needed. Think of it as a translation layer between the business and the market.

Also, Nudge has done a little product update. Read about our CommonSense Bot which helps remove user error from native campaigns.

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