Ben Young
Ben Young
March 23, 2018

Not the best week for Cambridge Analytica huh? A great outcome of all of this, is a framework for privacy moving forward. And maybe better crisis PR for tech companies.

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This week I caught on my Apple TV, in the Prime Now app, a piece of branded content for Far Cry (yes I do indulge in a little gaming). Amazon targeted prior purchasers, with content and will know if I buy it. Closed knit eco-system, from start to finish. Amazon just needs to widen that net as much as possible, to create more of these end to end scenarios.

Notable stories this week

  • Spend to duopoly slows with heightened competition.
  • Connatix launches Stories for Publishers. Nice.
  • How the New York Times is convincing commercial partners to pay for its journalism. A good read.
  • The story’s the solution: taking branded content further. Watch this short movie.
  • Google develops a propensity to subscribe signal. I like the smart use of metrics, more of this.
  • Why content marketers need to start thinking like tv advertising execs. Give the chat a listen, it’s a a succinct POV on the spectrum of native.



Our own Gustaf Stenlund put on his reporter hat, courtesy of Sharethrough here’s his crib notes from the London Native Ad Forum. Watch the replay of the livestream here.

Native video prediction [for a year from now]:

  • “T-mobile in the US have said they’re going to start running 5G at the end of the year, so that’s taking something that’s hardware related – what we’ll be looking at there is more focus on quality content cause of the ability for consumers to connect to bigger content, longer form content.”Ben Phillips, Global Head of MediaCom

Why the shift to native video is necessary:

  • “We need to get quickly out of a world where in banner, intrusive video ads are ruining the experience for the user and move to a world where engaging video is embedded in the content, it participates in the website, doesn’t take over it, doesn’t interrupt it and most importantly doesn’t irritate the users.”Joel Livesey, Director of Partnerships at The Trade Desk

Attention – native vs traditional ads

  • “Successful brands know how to earn attention, they realize they’re not just distributing ads, they’re marketing to people and they focus their marketing efforts on earning attention instead of forcing a bad customer experience. That’s precisely the downfall of traditional digital advertising. Traditional advertising oscillates between getting no attention at all, making you worry about whether or not the ad was delivered, served or even seen, to down right forcing attention with pop-ups and pre-roll ads.”Melinda Staros, Director of Research & Insights at Sharethrough

Native’s become a workhorse:

  • “Native has become a workhorse, ready to meet any brand objective”…”can succeed at any stage of the purchase funnel.”Dan Greenberg, CEO at Sharethrough
  • ^How this came to be:
    • Easy to buy
    • Evolution of display
    • Only format that works well on mobile
    • Succeeds across the funnel


  • [Sharethrough] Native video attracts meaningful attention: 7.6X more attention than traditional out-stream video.
  • [eMarketer] Native growth 2017:
    • Open web native spend: US3.5B
    • Market share v social platforms: 15.8%
  • ^Native is fastest growing category, native display is the single largest category (includes Facebook).
  • The Trade Desk with Sharethrough did some research on native video vs pre-roll: 5/5 times, native video had higher brand lift than pre-roll (Joel Livesey, Director of Partnerships at The Trade Desk).


Campaign of the Week

Smartest commentary


  • [April 5th for early birds] Native Ad Institute has opened up for this years awards. More details here.

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