Hollie-Blue Allum
Hollie-Blue Allum
February 2, 2017

With Ben out this week I’ll be jumping in (Hollie-Blue) to look after TWINA. Another big week for news here in the US, Super Bowl LI around the corner and from native news a focus on programmatic, the future of native, revenue from content distribution and why newsletters are hot again.

Notable Stories this Week

Campaign of the Week

  • For Orville Redenbache popcorn on SB Nation – I’m not normally a fan of content hubs, but this is a hub with a difference. When I was looking for campaigns of the week, I looked at 20 or so different campaigns for the Super Bowl. These focused purely on the game, the technology, the food or the entertainment. This piece on SB Nation pulls in everything. It sends you through to Eater for your snacks, Vox for your Entertainment and Recode for the SB tech stories. All whilst including highlights from each. Throughout the whole piece Orville Redenbache has sponsorship, videos and banners. Once you click through to each site, each section is sponsored by the brand. Nice, in depth, and allows the popcorn brand to own everything Super Bowl related.

Smartest Commentary

  • “The ideal team [for a perfect native advertising project] would be a person from the brand who understands [native advertising] working closely with the content studio who understands what the goals of the campaign are and can articulate them well and who is strong enough to oversee what the content studio is creating, so that you’re working in tandem throughout. At the end the result is what everyone expected and then it succeeds.” Stephanie Losee is currently Head of Content at Visa

Datepoints of Note

Notes from Nudge

Events & Webinars