branded content shifts to video
Welcome to a brisk Friday morning, it’s a short edition this week.
Thoroughly enjoyed this read of how the first banner campaign came to life, ‘we cheered as the first traffic hit our site, which immediately crashed’.
I recall as a teenager making my first GIF ad, you couldn’t have too many frames as the file size would be too big, yes I am a digital marketing geek.
And I have an ask for this week, who do you think does the best mobile first content?
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Datapoints of note

  • Longer headlines get higher CTRS. Headlines with 16 words garnered a CTR of 0.33%. By comparison, pithy headlines of just four words recorded an average CTR of less than half that, at just 0.14%. Per Polar/Emarketer.


And again, I would love to know… who do you think does the best mobile first content?


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