Ben Young
Ben Young
October 27, 2016

After acquiring a tan in Maui, I’m back in action! Bit of focus on AMP this week post Google’s roll out across all search results. This feels like a big opportunity and equally an invisible tax people are paying by not being optimized. If you haven’t by now figured your AMP strategy, now is probably a good time. I’ve grumbled on the technical roll out but it is improving rapidly and hugely extensible.

And an ask: I’d love to talk to any publishers or advertisers leveraging Google’s recommended units or Amazons Native Units. With Wirecutters purchase, it’s worth a dive here on Amazon as a competing revenue source or advertising channel.

Notable Stories this Week

Campaign of the Week

  • [B2B Case Study] NY Times + IBM partner to talk about how Watson and weather are helping crops grow stronger.
    Related: AdYouLike is using Watson for semantic analysis.
  • MEC & Paramount partner for Mission Impossible game inside two popular mobile biking games. Typically we share live campaigns but this is interesting, video campaign + new levels inside the game and it delivered 13M gameplays.
    • A great example of how, everything is a media channel, and advertising technology is no longer just restricted to ‘news’ sites. The same way companies pay for attention, they’re selling it too.
  • In the future everyone is a media creator AND seller.
  • [Nativeception] Native content for native ad provider. Programmatic and native. Yahoo took a hot industry topic that they want to hero their opinion on and placed it in AdAge.


Datapoints of note

  • Native Ad spend in the UK grew 29.9% in first 6 months of this year to 451M pounds.
  • Consumers own 3.64 connected devices each.
  • AYTM Market Research found that 47% of Internet users said holiday promotions before November 4 were effective in getting them to make purchases.

[Nudge data]

  • 1.8% of people reading native content across the network had adblocking turned on.
  • Further, adblock users spent 26% longer on native content.


Thanks for reading, and if you have used Amazon Native Units or the new Google Recommended please do reach out!