Ben Young
Ben Young
October 12, 2018

This week, we here at Nudge celebrated surpassing 3.2 billion impressions in 2018. A big thanks to all of those that helped us get there!

Notable stories this week

  • How fraudsters are hiding as real DSPs. An enlightening read. And the FBI seeks help in a media-buying probe.
  • How the BBC ties memory to branded content effectiveness.
  • The RFP hasn’t kept pace with branded content. A few comments on publisher studios facing the realities that agencies have.
  • AdWeek on NewsFronts West, Vice calls out the flaws of basic keyword based brand safety.
  • Fairfax’s decision to stop purchasing from third-party click providers has saved the publisher millions of dollars on its branded content, and hasn’t resulted in a sizable drop in traffic or engagement as a result.
  • The purpose for being online – impacts the expectations users have for the advertising. This is a great synopsis: For those seeking information, ad salience didn’t have a significant effect on ad avoidance, indicating that ad-task relevant is indeed the key factor determining ad-avoidance phenomenon. However, in the case of those who were browsing the web for entertainment purposes actually liked the ads that were deemed salient, such as those that were large and featured animated images. Thus, salience did play more of a role in entertainment seekers, as they reported ads that were not too intrusive and featured animation were more likely to catch their eye, especially if they were relevant to fashion, the topic they were reading about. That is, people with an information-seeking motivation tended to scrutinize message-relevant information that could help them achieve their tasks, while people with an entertainment-seeking motivation tended to rely more on visually salient cues of ads.


  • Disney invests in HQ Trivia’s parent company.
  • Iotec buys Platform360. The native consolidation continues.

Campaign of the week

  • Tulo features an in-depth examination of the sleep habits of 1950’s TV characters on The Daily Beast. Great storytelling and a perfect fit for the the Daily Beast reader, who likes to go deep into a topic and seeks studies and sources that help her better understand. Great work.
  • Submit your own and then view all 2018.

Datapoints of note

  • MTV targets 20-25% of revenue from branded content in two years.
  • On a IAB study of Ad Supported Video Player – OTT consumers. Ad receptiveness is stronger for ASV OTT viewers than those who watch SVOD or TV-only.
  • ASV OTT viewers are more likely to try new brands, with 36 percent stating they learn about new brands/products/services from video ads. In fact, ASV OTT viewers report spending more on online subscription purchases ($119 per month vs. $89/mo for SVOD viewers)—from meal kits to contact lenses—making them an ideal target for direct-to-consumer marketers.


  • Programmatic I/O – 10/15-10/16 in New York, New York.
  • ^If you’re in town for Programmatic IO next week, swing by for a coffee!
  • NYC AdTech – 10/17 in New York, New York.
  • Native Institute is hosting Native Days this November in Berlin, Germany. Use code NAIFRIENDBEN to save.

Last thing, I’m speaking next week at NYC ADTech alongside Popwallet and Omnivirt. Come along if you’re in the area!



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