Campaign of the Week: Amazingly Humanlike Robot Able To Commit Thousands Of Mistakes Per Day

Saying they have been able to replicate human behavior more closely than ever before, researchers at MIT unveiled Tuesday a remarkably advanced robot that is capable of committing thousands of mistakes per day.Source: The OnionWhy we like it:The idea of bringing The Onion satire through to a piece of sponsored content is great. 

Quote of the Week:

evanSource: @evanatmedium



Future Of Advertising: Report Finds 22% Of Marketers Believe All Online Ads Will Be Native

The report, which is expected to be released Wednesday, comes from 487 U.S. marketing professions that 614 Group and OneSpot surveyed about content marketing in May and June 2014.onespot-614_1_1Source: Media Post 

Reddit redoubles attempts to appeal to advertisers

A new head of business strategy and a focus on native ads mark Reddit’s new focus on money.0460b2ce-2c31-4841-8a34-56797e42946e-460x276Source: The Guardian 

Who’s Doing Native Advertising Right?

Ad execs weigh in on the secrets to successful native advertising and pick brands they think are leading the way.Source: Yahoo


LinkedIn Launches Direct Sponsored Content: What It Means For Marketers

LinkedIn’s direct sponsored content offering is different. Direct sponsored content affords the opportunity for a brand to identify and target a specific audience and pay to promote content specifically to that audience.03b368cSource: LinkedIn


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