Ben Young
Ben Young
July 10, 2014

Native Ad Campaign of the Week: Why Your Next Airplane Might Be 3D Printed

By 2020, GE Aviation will produce more than 100,000 manufactured components for its line of commercial and military engines. Source: Forbes Why we like it: Great piece of content, thought leadership focus and ties back to the audience EMC is trying to reach.

Quote of the Week:

Steve Wick Source: B2C


Here’s What It Looks Like When You Design Your Billboards to Fit In.

This week, Sharethrough bought some billboards in San Fran to promote the upcoming Sharethrough Native Ad Summit. Medium Source: Medium

How Upworthy gets its branded content to outperform editorial

Publishers and brands struggling with the performance of their native ads could take a few lessons from Upworthy. upworthy Source: DigiDay

Five of the Best (and Worst) Native Advertising Examples

A look at what native advertising is, why it can be so controversial, and several native advertising examples that are really impressive – as well as a few that are downright terrible. native-advertising-examples-turtle-burger Source: WordStream


There is a Native Advertising Summit being held by ShareThrough in San Francisco July 22nd.  We’ll be there.


An update from us

We’ve had a great week, with the release of our Netflix goes native white paper, exploring their investment in the New York Times & Wired native ad products. DigiDay did a write up. You can download it from here. Further we launched our new website – which includes a lite version of Nudge to find earned impressions on any piece of content – simply give us a url.  Using public & our own big data. giveitanudge .. That’s it for this week.  If you’d like to contribute next week or send us a story tweet us @giveitanudge.

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