Ben Young
Ben Young
June 27, 2014

Native Ad Campaign of the Week: Digiday breaks out Native Ad Inception: Two native ads for native ads.

A Native Ad inside a Native Ad. TripleLift and Yahoo both pulling out this ad inception on DigiDay. Source: DigiDay DigiDay Why we like it A clever idea by both companies, using a Native Ad to spread their content on Native Ads.  Good to see them leading by example.

Quote of the Week:


Source: Contently


Spotify’s Latest Ad Test – an Attempt at Native

This week Spotify revealed their plan to introduce video placements and its first so-called “native” unit. spotify Spotify is also presenting “native” ads targeted to what they are referring to as “moments,” or the combination of what people are listening to and in what context. Source: MorpheusMedia

Advertisers’ Obstacles and Publishers’ Benchmarks

High-level US marketers and agency advertising decision-makers surveyed by Purch say demand is growing, and they expect their native advertising spending to triple by 2015. Purch-Obstacles Source: MarketingCharts

The inevitable rise of Native Advertising

According to Reuters’ Felix Salmon, “native content tends to aspire more to going viral” more than sponsored content or display advertising. In other words, native advertising wants to compel your superconsciousness to share, tweet, retween, like, and +1 rather than just infect your subconsciousness thereby branding you — or even the holy grail of converting you to a sale. Side note: Nudge measures virality too. Not all content is viral but knowing the propensity of a piece of content to go viral helps you benchmark content. Source:


The 2014 Native Advertising Summit in Washington DC is starting July 9th. There is a Native Advertising Summit being held by ShareThrough in San Francisco July 22nd.  We’ll be there.


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