Ben Young
Ben Young
April 16, 2015


Native Ad Talks

23 April at 6pm RSVP here

If you’re in New York please come along for a couple of drinks and practical tips to take away on 23rd of April at 6pm.  Featuring Adam Aston, Editorial Director at the New York Times and Joe Lazauskas, Editor in Chief at Contently, we dig in to how to win at native through producing great content. RSVP here.


Campaign of the Week:

Avocados from Mexico

A collection of recipes for Cinco De Mayo including Avocados from Mexico


Why we like it:

Avocados from Mexico have created a productive and useful campaign, providing some top recipes for upcoming “Cinco de Mayo”.  Something I’m sure we could all use a little help with.

Source: Food Network


Quote of the Week:

 Source: Forbes



Introducing #StarWarsEmojis

Attention Star Wars fans everywhere: Starting today, Twitter users will have even more ways to express their passion about their favorite pop culture phenomenon with new Twitter-exclusive #StarWarsEmojis.

Source: TwitterBlog


Facebook just filed a fascinating patent that could seriously hurt Google’s ad revenue

Facebook has filed a fascinating patent that suggests it has considered building a mega ad exchange that harnesses its social data to serve ads and, interestingly, content (like paid-for news articles or videos from brands, otherwise known as native advertising) on sites beyond the social network’s own platform.

Source: BusinessInsider


Picture this: Native ads come to Imgur

Image-sharing service Imgur is the most popular media platform marketers don’t think about. Now, with a U.S. audience of 31 million that has doubled in the past year, Imgur is launching a new native ad product that takes its cues from the ways larger social platforms approach ads.

Source: DigiDay


Sharethrough launches programmatic native ads — monitored by a quality score

For publishers, the good news about native ads is that they are unique, blending into the style of a particular digital publication. The bad news: They’re unique. That makes it more difficult to handle them by computerized — that is, programmatic — ad platforms that can immediately find the highest prices advertisers are willing to pay.

Source: VentureBeat


Native Advertising Grows Up

A recent report from MediaRadar revealed that, over the course of 2014, the amount of native ads purchased by brands rose significantly. By creating advertisements that closely resemble the content that viewers hope to consume, the goal is that the ad experience will be less disruptive and result in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Source: Adotas

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