Ben Young
Ben Young
February 23, 2021

You’re not reading this post if you’re not trying to drive more performance from your content marketing. With all marketing teams thrust forward and into digital-first channels, performance is top of mind. As now it is even more important BUT also there is more competition.

In the past, when we explored top performers, the consistent finding was that the top 25% invest more in data and insights than anyone else.

Those that invest, find smarter ways to get ahead or find that edge.

1) Be creative with your budgets, to get access to the best tools

As you look to 2021, re-evaluate your budgets, are some tools not delivering, where else could you spend. Many are decreasing distribution budgets to invest more in the content itself, or vice versa.

2) Do more with less

Identify your top-performing content and go and try to improve it even more. Rather than putting budget on new content, go and put it on improving old content. Do the same with low performers.

Not only does your budget go further but you are banking on content that is already working.

3) Distribute your content but bring customers to your website

Do use social and other paid distribution but bring those prospects back to your own website. That is where the magic happens and customers either make or get closer to the purchase.

An extra view in the social feed vs an extra view on a crucial page? What is more valuable. Many marketers are making this change right now.

Agility is the theme here, those that are more agile to make changes, in a market that is changing itself so quickly. Is the only choice.