Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
April 13, 2017


Not all clicks are created equal.
Every marketer distributing content is looking for quality…
…But whilst content distribution has been growing, the way it’s consumed has changed dramatically. We’re all consuming content on different devices and most of us are consuming content on a second screen whilst watching TV.
All of this makes optimizing to quality a challenge, because all these variables can impact your results.
Get in touch to learn how Nudge can help you optimize your content distribution.

How Nudge Looks at Quality for Content Distribution

When we think of quality content, we think about the people we target and how they’re actually consuming that content; this is exactly what Nudge content distribution optimization is built on.
We believe in helping marketers create persuasive content that makes a real impact on their audience…
…We built Nudge with post-click metrics to enable marketers to measure what attracts the most attention, not just clicks (i.e. you may have a great headline that generates a high amount of click, but not traffic that engages with the content).
Our platform allows marketers to optimize their content around scroll, bounce rate, attention minutes. We help them identify accidental clicks, disparities between providers, device types and more.

How Nudge Helps Marketers Deliver Quality Distribution

Nudge gives you the data to understand what people are doing after they’ve clicked your ad.
We enable marketers to improve business outcomes through content distribution, by delivering it in a way that matches today’s content consumption habits.
We’ve made this even easier through integrations such as our Facebook integration.
Practical examples of how to fine-tune your investment:

  • Figure out which headlines that create the best post-click engagement
  • Time of day
  • Identify providers that are driving accidental clicks
  • Identify which distribution methods that are driving downstream engagements
  • Shift spend based on attention minutes by Device / Targeting / Content
  • [Pro tip:] Look at Attention by Ad Creative

These are just some of the ways that Nudge clients are optimizing to quality.


No matter the objective of your native content campaign, you need to optimize your delivery for the best possible outcomes.
Nudge provides an orchestration layer to give marketers an edge when optimizing their content distribution to quality.
We help you understand what’s working best, streamline the process of collecting data and then guide you as to where you should adjust your spend so that less air escapes your content eco system.
Talk to us about how Nudge can help you optimize the quality of your content distribution.