Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
March 23, 2017

Facebook is a common distribution method for marketers and they face a big challenge.
There’s a clear disconnect between what marketers pay for, what they see, and what they actually get from a buy, i.e. what Facebook clicks are actually worth to their business.
Nudge gives marketers in search of quality, greater visibility of what they’re actually getting from their Facebook clicks, and helps optimize towards better outcomes.
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Nudge Enables Facebook Marketers Optimize to Post-Click Metrics

A client of ours were paying $7 per click, only to find out that 60% of the traffic were leaving straight away. The root of the problem, not just for them but for many marketers, was that Facebook optimized toward CTR rather than towards people that were actually engaging with the content.
We realised that as a company, we held the missing data point that Facebook needed to optimize to quality.
To help avoid scenarios where clicks [and budgets] are being wasted, we built an integration that passes content engagement behaviour back to Facebook [via Nudge], in order to automatically optimize toward post-click engagement, rather than CTR.

1. Greater ROI. There’s no value in targeting an audience that aren’t engaging. Nudge helps eliminate this from your ad buys.
2. You can build audiences based on engagement, like scroll and attention.
3. It’s a simple way to deliver quality to content campaigns for publishers and advertisers.
Marketers are always looking for an edge, in 2017 that edge is quality. This new feature helps marketers in search of quality in digital advertising get it.
– Ben Young, CEO & Founder of Nudge

How to enable it on your content:

1. Install the Nudge code.
2. Specify the post click engagement for Facebook to optimize towards.
3. Select as conversion event inside Facebook.


Most marketers are struggling with the way that Facebook are automatically optimizing their campaigns.
Optimizing towards CTR can work, but in most cases it’s a way to drive an increase of traffic, only to find that there’s a clear disconnect between quality/clicks. This leads to a dried out budget for little value and a frustrated audience, that aren’t getting what they’re looking for.
Stop wasting clicks, and more importantly, your budget by optimizing campaigns toward post-click metrics.
Deliver enriching audience’ experiences that drives better quality clicks.
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