Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
March 14, 2018

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Nudge Update, March 2018

It’s March already, springtime is around the corner and Q1 is wrapping up; please feel free to reach out if you have any upcoming campaigns and can use some help on measurement. This month we’ve got a short, but very sweet update.
We’re excited to share a preview of our latest Video + Social integrations; check out the interview with our very own CEO, Ben Young.
Earlier this month we interviewed Jeff Hull, Effie-winning branded content specialist, who shared his thoughts on creative, data, and the future of branded content. You might recognize some of Jeff’s work from places like T Brand Studio, The Players’ Tribune and The Washington Post.
SXSW Interactive is wrapping up as we speak, but last week we produced this blueprint for spending your media budget effectively at SXSW. Make sure to bookmark it for next year, and keep an eye out for additional posts from Nudge around using data to optimize campaigns around conferences, events, and tent poles.
That’s it! A reminder that we now keep a log of the year’s best native [you can submit work too], and collect all our data points of note here. I hope they’re helpful.

Nudge Has Enhanced Video + Social

We’re excited to share a sneak peek of our latest feature, our video + social integrations!


The Blueprint for Spending your Media Budget Effectively at SXSW

This is the blueprint for spending effectively, based on Nudge data, at SXSW.

An interview with Jeff Hull, the Effie-Winning Branded Content Specialist

Jeff Hull, Effie-winning branded content specialist shared his thoughts on creative, data, and the future of branded content.
P&G campaign #loveoverbias

The State of Content

We take a look at the evolving landscape of branded content by sharing trends and analysis from the past year mixed with regular updates throughout 2018.

The Best Native Advertising Examples of 2018 [continuously updated]

We’ve started keeping a running tally of the best campaigns of 2018.
Volvo + Atlantic's Re:Think About The Future of Design
That’s it from us!
Make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, to hear the latest and greatest of what we’re doing, and seeing across the Branded Content + Native Advertising communities. Of course, if you’re thinking of getting started with Nudge, check out our quick guide for getting started, or just shoot us a message.
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