Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
March 14, 2017

As with any new investment, publishers need to be clear on how bringing on a new vendor adds value to current processes. The ultimate stress test for any vendor should be how it helps pay for itself and generate greater ROI.
This is the litmus test that Nudge holds ourselves to.
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How Nudge helps pay for itself

1. The technology to scale native content.

Native content is now something that everyone does. Nudge gives your team the edge you need to streamline your native operations. Enabling your team to manage more campaigns.
2. Winning more business.

The primary reason agencies/brands don’t buy is because they don’t know what they’ll get in return. Being able to predict performance and showcase that to prospective buyers, increases confidence in your offering. Nudge also provides performance benchmarks by category to help guide what success looks like.
Learn how Nudge enables sales teams to sell more content.
3. Renewals.

A lack of understanding about how campaigns are performing is the #1 reason people don’t renew.
Independent measurement provides reassurance.
Other features in Nudge toolkit are Insights and Benchmarks, these further prove a campaign’s performance, shows what’s working/isn’t working, and what the client should expect from native campaigns.
4. Predictability.

Nudge publisher partners find that they’re able to predict the campaigns success before they’ve started.
Arming content sales teams with the confidence and toolkit to win more business.
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Nudge helps publishers secure and renew more business by demonstrating content campaign performance to their clients, transparently and measurably.
Nudge’s native toolkit enable publishers to reassure their clients of the quality of their offering through independent verification, this helps win and retain business.