Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
March 2, 2017

At Nudge, we talk to brands, publishers and agencies every day. Here are some of the challenges we’re hearing in the marketplace.

  • Advertisers aren’t renewing their native ads due to a lack of data and understanding of performance; they aren’t sure what ROI they’ll get from a buy.

  • Publishers need to meet clients’ demand for a proof of performance before they invest.

  • Pressure mounts on publishers to provide advertisers with fool-proof/original ideas and need to deliver a differentiated offering substantiated by data.

  • The rise of competition between publishers lead to lower prices and a fight for every dollar; the best content studios will rise to the top.

  • Advertisers are starting to ask serious questions about whether native advertising truly is as effective as it’s claimed to be.

  • On top of all this, publishers need to make this a profit-run operation.

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Independent Verification

Nudge acts as independent verification of campaign performance, providing reassurance to clients of a quality, transparent advertising buying. This helps win business AND retain it.
Magnifying glass signifying the act of analysing data


Nudge pulls averages across all Nudge measured campaigns, but also pulls in your internal benchmarks. We use normalized metrics built for purpose, as native requires a blend of content, social and advertising KPIs, delivered quickly.
Nudge Network Benchmarks Dashboard
Benchmarks help in the pitch process, letting you predict results and manage expectations. Then they aid in the optimization and end of campaign process.
Get a step ahead – and manage your client relationships more effectively.
Example: a Nudge publisher used the Nudge benchmarks to prove why a potential financial client should book with them. Using Nudge benchmarks they could show not only what the industry gets, but how their financial content gets attention 2X higher than average.

Data storytelling

Have you ever been let down, by a report which wasn’t timely or too late? The challenge for your team is – it just takes too long to get access to the right information.
Far too often teams have to login to multiple dashboards just to get the key insights they require, and it’s in many times a time consuming process. With Nudge we decided to automate this process, making it easy to acquire vital insights instantly – in one dashboard.
Nudge Insights Dashboard
This then puts teams on the front foot, getting insights on the fly, i.e:

  • The most viral piece of content
  • The top social network
  • Average earned impression number
  • Time of day/Day of week
  • What piece of content drove the highest attention

Through our insights feature, publishers are handed great sound bites to share with their clients, rather than your team optimizing based on ‘gut feel’ you can ground it in data.
Example: we recently started working with a publisher who had constantly been behind with delivering mid campaign insights and end of campaign reports. They found that advertisers weren’t renewing any campaigns and they were also struggling to get case studies as it would just take too long for the account team to deliver reports and insights as the account team had to log into multiple dashboard for any real insights. Within the Nudge dashboard we’ve provided an insights tab so that no matter what the turnaround time is you can quickly and easily deliver insights to your client – with no friction.


According to Slate president Keith Hernandez, “just a few years ago, there was a small group of publishers who had mastered custom content. The field is now more crowded, and not all publishers fully understand yet what it means to be a great partner,” [Digiday]
The signs are there, publishers look set to hit a wall with native ads, if they don’t act pro-actively.
Nudge’s native toolkit enable sales teams to sell more sponsored content through independent verification; they’re able to transparently demonstrate to clients how their content campaigns are performing, reassuring them of its quality. This helps win business as well as retain it.
Talk to a Nudge account manager today, to learn how Nudge can help you with your specific needs; whether you’re a publisher trying to collect better insights for your sales team, or an advertiser who wants to level the playing field with publishers to fully understand how your campaigns are actually performing.