Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
June 1, 2017

Facebook marketers are constantly searching for quality, as well as for greater campaign transparency.
As we previously touched on in our first post on the Nudge Facebook integration, quality distribution is a common challenge for Facebook Marketers.
But exactly why is it a challenge…?
…Facebook optimizes distribution toward CTR, which can work, but the truth of the matter is that for most marketers, it’s a method leading to low-quality clicks and budgets bleeding out.
To help avoid scenarios where clicks and budgets are wasted, we built an integration that passes content engagement behaviour back to Facebook, via Nudge, in order to automatically optimize toward post-click engagement, rather than CTR.
In our last post, we touched on using the Nudge Facebook integration for optimizing your paid distribution on Facebook. One unexpected opportunity is that this data can also be used to build smarter audiences, which is something we’ll cover in this post.
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Smarter Facebook Retargeting with Nudge

Nudge enable marketers to do smarter retargeting.
Rather than anyone coming to their site, marketers can now get smarter around the creative that they push by understanding precisely what their audiences are engaging with. Nudge’s quality metrics allow marketers to optimize and create better creative, as well as focus spend on high-quality clicks, ie. marketers spend less money for a greater return.
There are two primary user methods:

  • Nudge pushes a scroll/attention/pageview conversion to Facebook for you to optimize against.
  • Enables you to build audiences based on behaviors.

Three things you can do with that data:

  • This gives you the ability to adapt your creative to the audiences who have read your content, and to those that haven’t. I.e. you know someone has read the content, so you can change the narrative.
  • Improves your content funnel, by knowing that people are truly moving through.
  • Identifies gaps in your content, if you find that people are simply not reading it.


Setup is quick and painless:

Create a Custom Audience from your website based on specific events.
1. Click Tools and then choose Audiences.

2. Click Create Audience in the top left.

3. Select Custom Audience.

4. Click Website Traffic.

5. Click Custom Combination, choose event and pick your preferred option, or add multiple events to increase the size of your audience.
Screen Shot showing how to create a custom facebook audience with Nudge
Screen shot creating a custom audience on Facebook using attention minutes through Nudge
6. Name your Audience to something that will make it easy for you to remember, alternatively add a description, in case you’re planning on creating a bunch of similar audiences in the future. Now click Create Audience.
Target Your Facebook Ads To a Custom Audience.
1. After you’ve created your ad’s creative, you’ll get to the Audience section. Choose Custom Audiences.
Choosing a custom audience for your creative on Facebook, using attention minutes
2. Select your Custom Audience. You can select more than one Custom Audience to increase your reach.

3. Once you’ve selected an audience, you’ll notice that hovering your mouse cursor over it will cause two icons to appear. The X deletes your audience and clicking the down arrow gives you the option to exclude the audience.


The way content is consumed has changed, which is precisely why optimizing toward CTR no longer makes sense; It’s an outdated method which views consumers as just another number, rather than actual people with a particular set of interests and behaviors.
There’s no value in targeting an audience that isn’t engaging.
By optimizing retargeting to post-click engagement, marketers understands what their audience are engaging with, enabling them to create better creative, focus spend and generate a greater ROI.
It’s a simple way to deliver quality to content campaigns for both publishers and advertisers.
Talk to a Nudge account manager to learn how the Nudge Facebook integration can work for you.