Ben Young
Ben Young
April 29, 2016

The best content you produce is content which is polarizing, in that only the people who will end up your customers will read it. Here are a few ideas that I have used repeatedly to achieve this.

1) Industry Newsletter, your This Week in

We do ‘This Week in Native Ads’. That honestly may not be that interesting to you but it pulls in the right people for us. The list isn’t massive but it sure is effective.

If haven’t yet, start an industry newsletter, This Week in Your Vertical Here, or This Month in Your Vertical Here.

Have a junior member of your staff source and aggregate the stories, which you or your co-founders will then curate/edit.


2) Industry Event, your ‘Native Ad Talks’

You’ve guessed it, our event is Native Ad Talks, a simple fireside chat format in which we talk to leaders in our industry. It positions us as a thought leader, attracts the right people (who want to come and learn about native ads after work!). Believe me, it’ll be the same for your industry, it’s not about numbers it’s about those that turn up.

“But wait,” you say, “this isn’t a content idea!”

Oh but it is! Record these events, get transcripts done and share them, featuring profiles of the speakers. Now you have timely, relevant and incredibly rich content.


3) Promote your PR

You’ve probably had the one off mention on a blog, ProductHunt, TechCrunch or the like. You may have had a one-off burst from the press – so why not extend it. What you can do is go and promote these stories as if they were still fresh news.

The benefit here? Only people that are interested will click through to these articles. For example, we had this great piece on DigiDay mentioning us. We promoted that article for over 12 months, as we knew only people in the industry would be interested in reading it. As such it helped build our brand and drive leads to our door.

Each of these builds a wealth of rich content that will be helpful to your brand & its positioning and will bring leads in consistently. Easy as pie!


I hope you found those helpful!