Ben Young
Ben Young
February 9, 2018

And we’re back, thanks to Ari for his takeover last week. If you missed it, give it a peek here.

I quite liked a couple of things, changing the flow, bringing image & video. We’ll embrace that a bit more.

This week we’ve seen how fast a business can unravel, with Newsweek uncovered for ad fraud. Nuts. But a cautionary tale.

We’ve just had our inaugural content dinner, with a series planned throughout the year. Let us know if you’d like to join.

Notable stories this week

  • BuzzFeed & NBCU are teaming up for a new parenting channel called PlayFull. NBCU has been placing bets all over the industry, with Snap, BuzzFeed, Vox, Refinery and many more. Smart.
  • Facebook held a webinar on how algorithm changes will impact news publishers. Ned Berke took screenshots and notes, sharing in this Google doc. The tldr; Facebook are going to really focus on real behaviour and attention. Thanks Ned!
  • Facebook set to give local news a bump.
  • And, from last Friday, BuzzFeed exposes how Newsweek & International Business Times have been engaging in ad fraud. Great work from Craig.
  • ^NBC covered the flow on effect, ‘Newsweek in disarray‘.
  • ^^ As a side note, in the last month Nudge has blocked 23.5m bots from campaigns we’re tracking.
  • This is good, should vaping ads be regulated the same as cigarette advertising? Yes.
  • Are the robots taking over? For the first time jobs in advertising have gone down.
  • How to rock mobile native advertising.
  • Justin Timberlake shares an undisclosed ad on Instagram, so it’s ok if celebs do it? Wondering if Facebook will take action.


Campaign of the Week

  • VMWare on Re:Think, Using smart technology to aid factory workers. Good example of pulling in The Atlantic audience with smart content and relating it to how VMWare can help.
  • Netflix on Wired for Altered Carbon, beautiful imagery.

Also, we’ve started keeping a running tally of this years campaign of the week. You can also submit work too.

Datapoints of note


If you’re in Florida for the ANA, we’ll be in attendance if you want to say hi.



5.9 million bots blocked this week
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