Ben Young
Ben Young
July 7, 2017

Google finally opens up native inventory across Adsense. This is big and probably the tipping point of native getting mass adoption. Not that there will be a flood straight away but it’s signal that native is moving through the adoption curve. This is the time when the tide really starts to rise.

If I’m wrong, I’ll shout you a drink.

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  • “One thing The New York Times has done a great job of is that we’ve treated programmatic in the same way as we treat direct. It’s just a way of transacting, it’s not necessarily a preference of one or the other. The process behind native or any sort of ad unit that you think is high impact or sponsorship, what we’ve done is try to work with our partners on how we can make that transact programmatically in the same and seamless way we do direct. I don’t think we’re there yet but we’re all on a dedicated path to get there.”Sara Badler, Programmatic Director, NY Times
  • On Why brands shouldn’t produce their content in-house: “There are two reasons why brands should not produce all their content in-house. Firstly, it’s difficult to “talk about oneself”. You tend to push your own agendas and lose sight of what the audience wants.“ Kristiane Roe Hammer, CEO of Newslab

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