Ben Young
Ben Young
February 1, 2018

Just in time for #BrandBowl52 we’re passing off This Week in Native Ads to Ari Levine, who joined Nudge at the end of 2017 as our CRO. We considered a press release, but figured this would be a bit more Native to Nudge.



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(Tap, tap on the mic) Hello, friends of Nudge and fans of Content Marketing,

I’m incredibly excited to have joined Ben and the team Nudge, in our mission to elevate storytelling online by providing real-time, actionable insights and reporting. 2018 is going to be a big year for Nudge and we’re excited to have you along for the ride.

With that – I give you This Week In Native Ads…

Work we love

  • A week behind some in sharing this, but too good to not call out. This Burger King ad explaining Net Neutrality is everything I like to see as it’s entertaining and informative, and a solid reminder that in 2018, good is the new cool (also the name of a wonderful book I recently wrapped up).
  • Adoptify: Munich Animal Shelter + Spotify helps connect people with dogs on Spotify.
  • Music plays an important role in this video as well, as Budweiser tells the story of bringing 70 million cans of water to cities and people in need.
  • Comics were a theme of my week as I finally watched Wonder Woman, and have been reading up the reviews and predictions around Black Panther. In this info-comic by the team at IBM Originals, the super hero is Zola, CIO of Stechey Guarantors in The Disruptors Volume 1.

IBM Originals

Stories that make us smarter

  • Last weekend the New York Times blew holes in the business of influencers and our CEO Ben Young, penned a response. My favorite line in the original article is the shade thrown at the Marketing Consultant/Professor who bought hundreds of thousands of followers and shared that the “true secret to celebrity influence” is ”Authenticity is the Key”.
    Late breaking… now we see the impact of fake followers falling off.
  • Twitter capitalizing on Facebook’s feed overhaul? You heard it here first (ok, maybe second)
  • Speaking of traffic drivers, shifts from Taboola and Outbrain have real impact on Publishers.
  • Podcast Analytics prove the hype is real and the revolution will be audio.
  • Lastly, thoughts on 2018 and reflections on 2017 Super Bowl by our very own Gustaf Stenlund with some predictions by friend of Nudge, Joe Puglisi at The Players Tribune. We’re all excited for #BrandBowl52 and following along on twitter and on AdWeek.


Campaign of the Week

  • As part of their #LoveOverBias Campaign for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Proctor & Gamble + The Players Tribune bring us a heartwarming letter from Pip Kenworthy, mother of Olympic Alpine Skiier Gus Kenworthy

Smartest commentary

  • Rob Norman, recently retired chief digital officer at GroupM – in the NY Times: “The people who are most stuck in the world are those who see hegemonic positions now and don’t believe that now can be disrupted — despite the fact that what exists now only exists because everything’s been disrupted.”


  • I’ll be headed to the ANA Media Conference in Orlando on February 28th, are you? If so, let’s hang!
  • In NYC next week? We’ll be at ScreenUp, an event by Storyhunter, watching some short documentaries with friend of Nudge, David Berkowitz.
  • We’re still debating SXSW this year. 2018 will be my 8th year, so I probably shouldn’t miss it. Are you going? If so, send us all the invites to your parties and convince us to make the trip. ?
  • Social Media Week is on the 24th of April with a branded content focus. We’ll see your there.

holler with thoughts, questions, or demo requests!


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