Ben Young
Ben Young
December 3, 2015

Campaign of the Week:


Source: Gawker


Why we like it:

Struggling with what to get a DIYer for Christmas? This gift guide presented by Philips Norelco in Gawker, gives you a few tips on the perfect gift for your lifehacker friend. It includes a list of nifty toolkits and smart products, presented with linked buying options to various retailers. A perfect native Christmas execution.


Quote of the Week

What’s happening is that anyone that used to do banners will try to go native,”

– Justin Choi, Nativo



The Future of Native Advertising: Part 4

Technology to improve the challenge of scale is on the rise but certain publishers are resisting the change, worrying that it might turn native advertising into the next banner ads.

Source: New York Times Blog


Location isn’t everything: How brands are succeeding – and failing – with location-based native ads

When it comes to doing native by providing the consumer with real-time value, you have to be smart and savvy enough to make sure what you’re giving is actually relevant and valuable.

“For mobile users, true context is defined in usefulness, not just what’s useful for me in the app, but me in my 3-dimensional circumstances. That requires mapping much more than just where I am. To do native right, advertisers also need to consider the mobile users’ who, what, when and why.”

Source: The Drum


Medium partners with publications like The Awl and Fusion, and more native ads are on the way

“We’re starting to develop new native advertising solutions and paid content models that we think will help professional writers, bloggers, and publishers earn revenue on Medium, via an engaged audience they’ve built and the thoughtful content they create.”

Source: Nieman Lab


How “Mavens” Can Drive Yahoo’s Revenues?

“In its earnings release for Q3, 2015 Yahoo stated that native ads are one of the best performing ad formats. They get three times more attention than other display ads and about 50% more emotional resonance than traditional ads. “

Source: Forbes


What you can learn from the Quaker and Huffington Post collaboration

Each month we pick a campaign of the month from the list of weekly favourites. We take a closer look at the piece of content to examine why it works and what you can learn from it. For November our pick for campaign of the month is the Quaker & Huffington Post collaboration: ‘12 Ridiculously Simple Hacks Every Parent Needs In The Morning’.

Source: Nudge