Ben Young
Ben Young
November 17, 2017

It’s been a tough Thursday for pubs, NerdWallet undergoes layoffs, BuzzFeed is going to miss targets AND Mashable is sold for $200m less that its last valuation. Ouch.

We’re also on the hunt for an Account Manager, here in NY.

Notable Stories this Week

  • Polar maps a trajectory towards a Cost Per Engaged View for branded content.
  • The writing was on the wall when BuzzFeed opened up programmatic, sources to WSJ say they’ll miss their revenue targets again. IPO is on ice.
  • Are brand co-signs more impactful than artist co-signs, a discussion on the evolution of how brands and artists have shifted from ‘selling out’ to collaborating.
  • Walmart’s “Outside The Box” podcast is engaging, but… A good post on what brand podcasts need to do to achieve alignment.
  • Facebook to encourage collaboration between brands Facebook pages with ‘highlighted shares’.
  • The Trade Desk will roll out ads.txt on Nov 15th. Very good.
  • How Nissan weaned itself off the click through rate. Very important for marketers.
  • The Guardian is seeking to develop its B2B content business.
  • ^ On that note, our B2B Research report is available now.


Campaign of the Week

Smartest commentary

  • “The old model of sponsorships has been replaced by partnerships creating a much more collaborative and symbiotic relationship… In the late ’90s, we found that artists were very skeptical of a potential relationship with a brand. Many artists were concerned that fans would see them ‘selling out.”Maurice Bernstein, Founder Giant Step
  • ^ This is a good point.
  • “It’s gone from being a kind of skunkworks operation to being the core thing that we sell on a daily basis,” he said. “The New York Times ad offering is led by the content studio.”Sebastian Tomich, SVP of Advertising & innovation, NY Times

Datapoints of note

And a little reminder, we’re after an Account Manager here in NY.