Ben Young
Ben Young
October 13, 2017

I was chatting with a smart marketer earlier this week, who was was saying the industry is over indexed on targeting but under indexed on accountability.

^ He’s not wrong!

Next week I’ll be taking a break, as I decompress with the family. So catch you, till then enjoy this week in native.

Notable Stories this Week

  • Some food for thought from PSFK, why advertising is more from digital to experience first. 80% of global audiences say online advertising hasn’t gotten any better with time, on any device or platform.
  • Apple announced Sponsored Content (native) ads coming to Apple news. Via their Publisher newsletter.
  • Rodale (MensHealth) announces partnership with FitBit, creating The Adventurist. And The Boston Globe partners with Pfizer on a series called Dear Scientist.
  • In a what mimics Adwords & Facebook (by rewarding the best quality advertising) Fusion media gives bonus impressions to the best content. This is a subtle change but super smart – and should be more widely adopted.
  • CMOs are not happy with programmatic, via DigiDay at the ANA in Florida. ‘Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer for P&G, said the company’s new programmatic and brand-safety approach is eliminating “the long tail” of ad buys that are cheap but put brands in front of bot farms.’
  • Taboola receive TAG independent verification to provide brand safety.
  • Flipboard opens up self signup for Publishers.
  • BuzzFeed launches two native ad products, to buy branded quizzes and promote to their audiences. BuzzCut to re-use tv assets across BuzzFeed’s properties.
  • Time Inc embraces DoubleClicks native stack with their adapt video execution. Google’s native stack is building momentum.
  • LinkedIn launches sponsored video.

Campaign of the Week



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