Ben Young
Ben Young
August 21, 2014

Campaign of the Week: There Are Two Shapes Of Shoes Men Should Never Wear

Ever since we wrote about avoiding square-toed and overly-pointy shoes — because they look unnatural and are the most obvious signs of cheaply-made, mass-produced footwear — we’ve received many questions about what shape(s) to look for.

Source: Business Insider

Why we like it:

It’s the right strategy for the brand, they tap in to a business audience at BusinessInside and then provide real utility to the audience through guiding what kind of business shoes they should wear.


Quote of the Week:


In reference to this amazing video.



AdDetector Alerts You To Sponsored Posts And Native Advertising

Usually it’s not too hard to spot a sponsored post — also known as an advertorial — on the sites you visit, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to recognise such articles without reading the fine print. If you’re after a more obvious way to highlight this kind of content and your browser of choice is Chrome or Firefox, you’ll want to give an extension called AdDetector a whirl.


Source: LifeHacker


Australian Ad Coalition Looks Balance Native Ads Quality Content

With brands seeking to get more return on their ad spend by expanding into so-called native advertising, two Australian ad groups are joining forces to ensure the trend doesn’t backfire on them. The goal: to better define “premium content.”


Source: Associations Now


On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is announcing its content partners program, called On SoundCloud.

For creators, there are three offerings, Partner, Pro, and Premier. Anyone can be a Partner. For a small monthly fee, you can upgrade to Pro. And if you are really serious, then you can become Premier and make money on SoundCloud.

Source: Business Insider



New York Native Ad Drinks

The August event went down well with a good mix of agency, publishers & technology providers so we’re doing it again.

This is a monthly networking event to meet others in the space. Typically more laid back, come enjoy a couple of drinks and meet like minded people. RSVP here.



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