Ben Young
Ben Young
August 7, 2014

Campaign of the Week: Peek Inside This Entrepreneur’s Zen Home

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Mike Del Ponte spent several years traveling the world volunteering and working in microfinance. The influence of global cultures blended with modern minimalism shows in the space he currently inhabits in San Francisco. Pieces sleek and digital are placed comfortably alongside the raw and colorful collections from global travels.

Source: Mashable

Why we like it:

The article fits in with the kind of content you’d expect from Mashable, then the story works with the Dyson product by talking about a zen home. Nicely executed and great performance.


Quote of the Week:


Source: @dgreenberg



Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Native Advertising (HBO)

The industry seemed to shudder this week with the John Oliver video, frankly we enjoyed it. It cast some light on some of the bad apples – it’s up to us to lead the way.  If you haven’t given it a watch please do.


Source: YouTube


New York Times Tones Down Labeling on Its Sponsored Posts

The New York Times has shrunk the labels that distinguish articles bought by advertisers from articles generated in its newsroom and made the language in the labels less explicit.


NYT_PaidPost_DellSource: AdAge


Study: 69% of Marketers Believe That Native Advertising Is Valuable But how big the impact is still in question.

The 614 Group, a digital media consulting player, has produced a benchmark study that is designed to help marketers make choices about native advertising. Working with digital company OneSpot, part of New York-based 614’s multilayered report entails survey results from 400 digital marketers.


Source: AdWeek


UK regulator proposes crackdown on misleading Facebook and Twitter ads

While Twitter and Facebook are enjoying returns from their native advertising platforms, it’s still not easy to tell if a tweet or status update is actually a company trying to sell you something. It’s a practice that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has become increasingly aware of, so it’s begun consulting opinion on whether it should enforce stricter rules on promotional messages shared by financial firms.

Twitter IPO Raises $1.82 Billion With Value Topping Facebook

Source: engadget



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