Ben Young
Ben Young
June 19, 2014

Native Ad Campaign of the Week: Netflix’s Orange is the New Black NY Times Native Ad

A nearly 1,500-word native ad for Netflix’s original series “Orange is the New Black” appeared on The New York Times website last Friday. It’s among the first native ads from Times’ newly minted T Brand Studio. The ad uses video, charts and audio to supplement text about female incarceration in the U.S.

Source: AdAge

Why we like it
It’s highly crafted, the content is great, the NY Times has made it obvious it is paid content and of course it helps bring new viewers into the tv show for NetFlix.


Quote of the Week:



Source: AdWeek



OutBrain’s Native Ad labelling ruled against

A “precedent setting” ruling against Outbrain, which could set the bar for how native advertising is labelled on the web to prevent consumers confusion over whether content is an editorial article or a paid-for ad.


It was ruled that the ad was misleading because it did not make it clear enough that it was a marketing communication. The ASA has told Outbrain to ensure any future advertising was clearly identifiable.

Source: MarketingWeek


Social media ads and native promotions are better for brands than email

Marketers say that social media ads and native promotions are better for brands than email, according to Millward Brown Digital’s study for MediaBrix.

– 88% say making emotional connections would encourage them to spend more money on digital ad formats for branding.


Source: AdWeek


Profitability of Native Ads

“Native monetization of the feed is a net-new, incremental revenue opportunity for publishers. And when done well (i.e. with content, not standard ads), it delivers a quality, respectful user experience to their readers – Dan Greenberg, Sharethrough CEO.

Native ads won’t die.
Instead, what I see happening is the price for native ads — particularly of the branded and sponsored content variety — coming down in line with market value. As we get smarter about what to measure, and develop the tools to measure it, we’ll get a fix on the ROI. Shortly after that, the premium prices will fall.

Source: CopyBlogger


Tumblr Native Ads to Start Appearing Across Yahoo

In a move that capitalizes on Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s largest acquisition, Tumblr native ads will begin to appear across Yahoo properties, the company announced Tuesday.


Source: Mashable



There is a Native Advertising Summit being held by ShareThrough in San Francisco July 22nd.  We’ll be there.


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