Ben Young
Ben Young
April 30, 2015


Campaign of the Week:

Quaker – My Morning Routine

The morning happens to be the most rushed part of the day, and squeezing time in for breakfast isn’t always easy. Quaker offers a convenient and wholesome breakfast solution with new Quick 3-Minute Steel Cut Oats – available in Original, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon and Blueberries & Cranberries.


Why we like it:

Using some popular bloggers, Quaker has a new campaign providing recipes to motivate us into having a healthy breakfast. A clever and useful campaign providing us with the kick-start we need on those slow mornings.

Source: Wellandgood


Quote of the Week:

 Source: Native Ad Talks by Nudge 04/23



The New York Times Is Creating a Virtual-Reality Campaign for an Advertiser

The New York Times’ native-ad department, T Brand Studio, is creating a virtual reality campaign for an advertising client, a Times executive told Ad Age.

Source: Adage


New measurement and buying tools through DoubleClick coming soon

We’re pleased to announce two new initiatives we’re developing with Google to help better serve advertising clients across both companies.

Source: TwitterBlog


Airbnb, Gap Inc. Brands Take a Spin on Instagram Carousel Advertising

While technically Instagram is a photo site, that’s not stopping it from reinventing itself as a digital merry-go-round. Instagram is testing an innovative use of its platform with carousel ads, which let brands post multiple photos on a sponsored post and a “learn more” button linked back to the brand’s site.

Source: BrandChannel


Will existing attribution models work for native advertising?

The majority of B2B and B2C brands now invest in content marketing, yet 55 percent of B2B companies believe content marketing campaigns are ineffective. Could this be because we measure the effectiveness of content (and native advertising channels that distribute it) the same way we do banner advertising?

Source: iMedia


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