Ben Young
Ben Young
January 29, 2015

It’s a bit longer than normal, that’s because there’s a bit on! We’ve also started to share more, you can see some of our content at the bottom.


Campaign of the Week:

Ballantine’s Presents INSA’s Space GIF-ITI

Inspired by our founder, George Ballantine, we believe in celebrating the men and women that stay true and leave an impression on everything they do and everyone they meet. Each Stay True Story captures individuals as they bring their own story to life performing creative and artistic experiments.


Why we like it:

Ballantines Whisky kicking off their Stay True campaign with making the worlds first GIF shot by a Satellite. We like it as it draws you in, is a great piece of content for owned and paid distribution.

Source: Ballantines


Quote of the Week:

 Source: DigiDay



Conde Nast Unveils Branded Content Shop Powered By Editors

Media companies that produce “branded” content on behalf of marketers typically keep their native ad units separate from the news side. The idea is to ensure business pressures don’t compromise editorial integrity.

Source: Wall Street Journal


How Bevel thinks like a Publisher and CPG

Content and commerce is hot again. But for new package goods company Walker and Co. the answer isn’t to combine them, at least not just yet.  Speaking at the Digiday Retail Summit in Half Moon Bay, California, earlier this week, Walker and Co. CEO Tristan Walker said the company basically operates two businesses. One is Bevel Code, a “digital magazine” devoted to lifestyle issues for people of color. The other is the Bevel retail site,, where people can buy the shaving system.

Source: Digiday


For Native Ads, Publishers Hack the CMS


Two of the biggest buzzwords in publishing are “native advertising” and “content-management system,” as publishers have tried to promote their ability to create ads that are as good as the surrounding editorial content and the technology platform that delivers those ads. Take BuzzFeed, which is predicated on the idea that “great advertising is content,” a premise that extends to the ads’ delivery through its CMS.

Source: DigiDay


Native Ads Don’t Need to Be Deceptive

If the explosion of Native Ads over the last year has taught us anything, its that there is a TON of potential for Native Ads, and that all of that potential can be easily squandered if a single, core issue is not addressed. And that core issue is trust.

Source: InPowered


You Must Solve Two People-Shaped Content Problems

The problems of content marketing apply to you as a marketer whether you’re actually practicing “content marketing” or not.

Source: Forrester

Why Native Advertising Won’t Overtake Traditional Ads — Yet

The chasm between editorial content and advertising is shrinking, but the waters aren’t completely muddy yet. The New York Times’ first foray into native print advertising in November through its elegant eight-page ad for Shell signifies a broader industry trend toward long-form native content. Traditionally, advertising has been siloed from editorial, with brands purchasing ad space alongside relevant content. That’s the best brands could do with the limited number of marketing options available.

Source: AdAge

And something from us:

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