Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
August 31, 2017

Native tactics are simple ways to grow the value and scale of your native content campaigns.
In this blog series, we’ll be featuring tactics that you may or may not currently have in your arsenal, but most definitely should.
Over time, this blog series will feature a bunch of great tactics that you and your team should be utilizing – find them here

#1 Email Newsletters

First out of the gate in this brand new series, is a tactic that often gets overlooked, email newsletters, are a great source of eyeballs to native campaigns. Typically you already have one, it’s a free extension and it’s an ‘already opted into’ network.
Further, we see from our benchmark data, that email newsletters drive (really) high-quality traffic.
So, just how are you supposed to use it to strengthen your position?
That’s easy… Use your email newsletters to distribute your content.
Now, there are different ways of going about this, but the options below is a great way to get started:

  • Upstart provides targeted email newsletters to promote your startup.
  • Inside enables brands to sponsor newsletters.
  • LiveIntent has an email ad solution.
  • lets advertisers sponsor some very small email lists.
  • Gold Lasso manages native ads in email newsletters.
  • Criteo is an ad network for almost any digital channel including email messages.

Lastly, ensure that you have a well thought through strategy behind your email campaigns, and that don’t forget to double check that your content is mobile friendly.
That’s it – simple as.
Thanks for reading, until next time (and if you literally can’t wait… here are more posts from this series)!