What is the difference between native advertising and content marketing?The analogy I like to give, is that native advertising is like the icing on the cake.
  • Brands create content that lives on their properties. That is content marketing. The cake.
  • Brands go and promote this content, with ads that adapt to the form and function of the site they live on. This is native advertising. The icing.
Content marketing, is the use of content to educate and inform the market towards a mutually rewarding common ground. i.e. this blog post would be content marketing.Native advertising, is the ability to then take this content and get it in front of fresh eyeballs. It’s like shining a light and bringing people to your best content. To do this required new advertising formats, which incidentally have higher CTRs and a less intrusive internet experience.When I go and promote it via Yahoo Gemini or Sharethrough, that is the native ad.Where it gets blurry, is where there is content hosted on a publishers site. Which is a type of native advertising. However in all other cases the above should make sense.Some people, look at them as mutually exclusive, our view is that they work together in tandem.
The cart can’t go before the horse, all native advertising needs great content to make it successful.