Hollie-Blue Allum
Hollie-Blue Allum
August 19, 2015

Each Thursday at Nudge we review the last week of native content campaigns to find campaign of the week, be that most engaging, most creative or something a little special that stands out. We’re going to run a new segment where each month we look at the top piece over the previous month and take a closer look at it to really examine why it works and what you can learn from it.

To kick off this series we looked over the top performing pieces of content in July, the Airbnb, NY Times ‘Via an Island of Hope, a new home’ was the clear frontrunner for the month.


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This is another great piece of native content from the NY Times T Brand Studio. The article for Airbnb, is polished, in-depth and includes a fantastic narrative around how New York City has always been a beacon of hope for immigrants. How it’s been the first stop for people arriving and then migrating around the US, it’s global destination – and people visiting would like to stay like the locals, so they don’t feel like outsiders.

What can you learn from it:

This piece for Airbnb shows what can happen when a brand and a publisher approach a piece of content collaboratively. The brand has great coverage from this piece of content using some of their research and customers but with in-depth journalism and crafting from the T Brand Studio.

This content ticks a lot of boxes, it has the reach of the NY Times, the geographic target that Airbnb want and finally this thought leadership piece fits the tone of the publisher. True native content works best when it’s a seamless discovery between paid and non paid content in the format, place and tone that the reader understands and admires.

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