Ben Young
Ben Young
July 23, 2015

Campaign of the Week:

Via an Island of Hope, a New Home – AirBnB

Airbnb helps visitors to New York City feel like they belong here, while simultaneously supporting Airbnb hosts and the communities where they live.

Source: The New York Times



Why we like it:

A beautifully executed piece of content by the T Brand Studio that helped share information about Airbnb and educate on some of the original immigrants to NYC. One of our favourite pieces of native content this year.


Quote of the Week

If we’re doing our jobs, the ad is the content.

 – Kevin Knight from Pinterest at #NATIVE2015



Sharethrough now enables importing publisher content automatically into native ads

Sharethrough is providing advertisers and publishers more options to leverage native advertising online. The company is announcing the launch of Continuous Campaigns, a way for advertisers to automatically import creative to their placements to create more dynamic campaigns on publisher sites.


Source: Venture Beat



You get what you pay for: Why native ads are worth more

The online audience is more connected, accessible, and distracted than ever before. As consumer attention becomes harder to capture, brands are increasingly tailoring campaigns to the unique interests and preferences of their desired audience.


Source: Wall Blog



Native advertising – the editorial vs advertorial debate

As anyone familiar with the growth of native advertising will know, there has been ongoing discussion and debate across the industry in order to clearly define its’ features. One of the largest debates occurring is whether native advertising encompasses editorial or advertorial content, or both.


Source: LinkedIn



Wattpad’s Native Ads Pitch in a TL;DR World? Consumers and Brands Love Long Reads

It turns out that many people still like good, old-fashioned storytelling. So could the next big thing be reading—you know, with thousands of words strung together—even in this tl;dr era?


Source: AdWeek



Doubleclick Now Offers Cross-Device Tracking & Native Advertising to Mobile Advertisers & Publishers

Google is expanding cross-device measurement on ad buys made across Doubleclick, reinforcing its capabilities to measure cross-device conversions from search and display ads in AdWords.


Source: Monetize More



Something from us:


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