The challenge of bringing on any new vendor is understanding how it adds value to what you’re already doing. The ultimate stress test is how a vendor helps pay for itself and generates a greater ROI.This is the biggest litmus test that Nudge holds ourselves to.Talk to an account manager today to learn how Nudge adds value to your business.Unsure of how much to spend on measurement? We have a framework and ROI calculator here.

How Nudge helps pay for itself

1. Back the winning horse.One of our clients quickly learned that one of their pieces of content outperformed others by 60%, meaning they could redistribute their budget toward that piece of content and in turn drive better results.The Nudge toolkit summarizes all your campaign data, giving you the precision and right information to optimize your campaign in real time.2. Reduce unproductive time.Your account teams’ time is more valuable than it’s ever been; Nudge helps free up more time.3. Add campaign transparency.Nudge equips advertisers with fair transparent measurements of how their campaign has performed giving teams a yardstick for their investment.Example: A fashion brand had bought a content campaign and found through Nudge that it had dramatically undelivered against their KPIs – without Nudge they wouldn’t have known.A lack of transparency is like paying an invisible tax.4. Optimize towards the right metrics.Native requires a blend of content, social and advertising KPIs, delivered quickly. Optimizing toward the wrong (and in most cases, outdated) metrics can ruin any campaign.For example, we had a client using time on page. This didn’t show the real behaviour (they thought it was 4 minutes, but it was actually 21 seconds) – as you can imagine this had a real impact on ROI.5. Reducing campaign complexity with the CommonSense bot.The CommonSense bot helps check all of the moving parts in your campaigns, between all the pieces of content, partners and devices. With all these moving parts, sometimes the ball can get dropped and result in costly mistakes.


When we first started off doing native advertising ourselves we quickly realized that we didn’t know how our campaigns were actually performing, so we built Nudge.With Nudge, advertisers can assess every moving part of your campaign, see what is working and what needs refinement and optimization, as well as focus efforts on more important initiatives.Far too often agencies receive campaign reports from their publishers when it’s already too late to make changes. Through independent verification advertisers can take back control, pick up on any problem, make necessary changes and back the winning horse.Talk to an account manager to pencil yourself in for a demo of Nudge toolkit today.