Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
March 8, 2017

When running native content campaigns there are many moving parts with multiple pieces of content, headlines, videos, partners and distribution methods to take into account.
By running your campaigns through Nudge it helps streamline these.
Within Nudge, we’ve created a simple, yet effective tool called the CommonSense Bot. It helps marketers pick up mistakes that the partners themselves don’t know that they’re doing.
With all these moving parts, sometimes the ball can get dropped.

How does the CommonSense Bot work?

The CommonSense Bot uses a campaign algorithm, which looks for common mistakes or things that are most likely to break at the start of, and during a campaign. These checks are informed by the thousands of campaigns that Nudge has tracked all around the world.
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Whilst these mistakes might seem common or obvious, the reason we check is because when they do happen [which is more often than you’d think], it’s a costly mistake.
Examples of things the CommonSense Bot for:

  • Incorrect share URLs
  • No share buttons on page
  • If there’s shares but no earned impressions
  • Earned Impressions but no shares
  • Incorrect or no canonical URL
  • Incorrect og tags
  • Is code still on whitelisted URL

‘The CommonSense Bot allows you to get ahead with what otherwise would be a big headache’, – Izac Hancock, CTO at Nudge.
For example, on a recently launched campaign the client went live, the partner was pushing content and everything was going great. However, seven days into the campaign Nudge’s Common Sense checker picked up on the fact that the code had been removed, meaning they were no longer tracking any of the campaign’s results i.e. ROI. The partner had uploaded a revision of the campaign with improvements, and in doing so they dropped of the Nudge tracking code – a simple user error, but a costly one.
Without Nudge, a change like this would have gone unnoticed- however, the Nudge common sense checks was able to resolve this expediently.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the moving parts that goes into creating successful native advertising campaigns and don’t want to have to go on worrying if everything is setup correctly; whether that be on your end or the partners, Nudge’s CommonSense Bot does all that legwork for you.
Put your mind to the things that will help you get ahead.
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