Ben Young
Ben Young
June 8, 2017

Nudge provides custom content reports to allow you to optimize your content.
Customers simply request their reports via the online dashboard.
Why do we do this?
We found that clients have multiple responsibilities and stakeholders. They are smart, savvy marketers and just need a little bit of help, weeding through the data at hand to identify the quick and smart optimizations that will shift the needle.
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How it works

Our platform, built from the ground up, is built with optimizing in mind. Our philosophy is that, to win sustainably you need to continually optimize. So the Nudge toolkit has a number of solutions for this.
It all starts with our metrics.
Rather than having a variety of metrics from multiple publishers, Nudge gives you normalized metrics built for purpose as native requires a blend of content, social and advertising KPIs, delivered quickly.
Let’s take Attention Minutes as an example.
Attention Minutes tracks every second a person is actively consuming your content. Let’s say a user clicks on your article, reads it and hits the back button – with attention minutes, you capture all this behaviour [with older metrics, this would be counted as a bounce] so you can truly understand how people consume your content, and learn how good of a job you’re really doing – it enables you to be more precise in your work.
Attention Minutes also has the ability to overlay other data sources, giving marketers more granular insights into things such as traffic sources, scroll and content & device types and more.

What does a customized report looks like?

We provide our clients with a range of requestable reports depending on what type of information they seek. Ask us directly if you’re not sure about what you should focus on.
Reports you can request within the Nudge dashboard include:
Mid-campaign report: We provide you with optimization insights into areas such as distribution budget, picking out sources that aren’t working, and bigger changes if necessary.
End campaign report: Receive a full run-down of how campaigns have performed from start to finish; what worked/didn’t work, key recommendations for your next campaign and more.
In-depth category report: We point out which content formats, social platforms that work best in your industry and which KPIs you need to focus on in order to reach your campaign’s objectives.
Competitor report: We tell you what content formats perform best for your competitors, their best pieces of content, what they’re doing in terms of splitting out their budget and more.
Custom dashboard reports: This is a fully customizable dashboard report, so what we dig into is completely based on your individual needs.
Download free research reports, in your industry or vertical.


Doing this, allows you to be more precise and save time in getting to better content. Further, this can be a great value add for agencies or external content providers. Making you look slick, smart and helpful. Who doesn’t want more time to be strategic!
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