Gustaf Stenlund
Gustaf Stenlund
February 24, 2017

Within the Nudge dashboard clients can now access customized reporting.
For the last 3 years clients have been coming to us directly to request custom reports. For example they want to know insights to optimize the campaign, in-depth end of campaign reports, category insights and custom data requests such a data split by geo region.
To help clients we’ve now automated this, so that within the Nudge dashboard you can easily and quickly request a report, let us know your deadline, campaign KPIs and deliverables. A Nudge Account manager will then promptly reply to confirm receipt and delivery date.
This has proven to be a great way for clients to get started with Native and to understand what to expect from their respective native campaigns.

Native ad report types

Nudge provides you with a range of requestable reports depending on what type of information you seek. Ask us directly if you’re not sure about what you should focus on.

Mid campaign report: We provide you with insight regarding areas within your campaign that require optimization, such as allocation of distribution budget for specific pieces of content, picking out sources that aren’t working, and bigger changes if necessary. Previous client’s have requested this report in order to understand how to increase organic reach, grow conversion rates etc.
End campaign report: You get a full run-down of how campaigns have performed from start to finish; what worked/didn’t work, key recommendations for your next campaign and more. This report gives you a full understanding of what to do, and perhaps even more importantly, what not to do for your next campaign to be a success.
In-depth category report: These reports are similar to the industry reports you find on our website (download your industry’s research report here). We point out which content formats, social platforms that work best in your industry and which KPIs you need to focus on in order to reach your campaign’s objectives.
Competitor report: We tell you what content formats perform best for your competitors, their best pieces of content, what they’re doing in terms of splitting out their budget and more. All you need to do is provide us with a list of your key competitors and we dig deep into what they’re doing. This is a fully customized report.
Custom dashboard reports: Examples of this could be a campaign based on geographical reach, for example the split within the US vs Australia (country) based on on-page social shares. This is a fully customizable dashboard report, so what we dig into is completely based on your individual needs.

What are the benefits of requesting a report?


  • Pressed for time (data & insights): You simply hit the request a report feature, tell us what your KPIs are, what you’re looking for and when you need it. We then provide you with pricing before you start anything and make sure we deliver in time, so that you’re not worried and stressing out if we’ll come through.

  • Deeper dive with more insights compared against the market.

  • The report is created by a senior account manager who’s worked across hundreds of native advertising campaigns. With deep insight of your industry’s trends and learnings, we’re able to identify what you need to do in order to increase campaign performance in the area that you’re looking to strengthen (e.g. conversion).

  • The reports can serve to be an upsell for your clients: By adding additional reporting you provide your clients with reassurance and independent verification of a campaign’s results.


Setting KPI’s

On top of customizable reports, we also help clients to set KPI’s that are in line with their campaign objectives. Clients often come to us at the beginning of their campaigns and wonder what their KPI’s need to be, and what ROI they should we be expecting. A Nudge account manager takes a closer look at your industry+campaign and comes back with a set of specific KPI’s (e.g. attention, engagement based on category and content format), that you should strive toward.
Whether you’re pressed for time, new to native advertising or just keen to try it out, we’re happy to provide you with customized reporting as well as help you set KPI’s that makes a difference.
Contact your account manager today or request your report directly within your Nudge account.