Ben Young
Ben Young
December 16, 2022

Edition #387

Final thoughts on 22 and the year ahead. Top searches of the year & what is the color for 23?

We finished out last years note, sending some NFTs out. Which was a fun exercise. I occasionally pull out my phone, and gaze at my NFT. But seriously, it was fun, make an image, mint it on the Solana blockchain, get folks addresses, send them out.

However, I don’t think we’ll be doing that this year. As the year closes out, brands will all be second guessing their NFT/Web3 executions, hold, pause, delay or cancel the project. I kind of think, that the areas brands have been playing in will probably survive but just be less heady on money flowing through the marketplaces.

Older readers may recall my love for slow tv, and this year is no different. The Sleigh Ride – A Slow TV Christmas Special is a wonderful background on the tv through the holidays, with little factoids for the kids if they’re paying attention.

What about the year ahead? There’s a creative saying, back on the tools, and that’s the feeling in the market. Everyone is back to work, at the office, and pushing. Not getting by. Pushing, to get better results, to win that business, to improve the bottom line. Next year that’s my call, everyones back on the tools.

Pantone has released their color of the year for 2023, Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta. And Envato dived into design trends for the year ahead. If you’re feeling fatigued already on media industry trends, why not dive into design 🙂 Finally, do check out Googles Year in Search for 2022.

Nudge has had a good year, I mean it could always be better – and there’s still time to close some deals 😉 But we are pleased with the adoption of our newer analytics suite and some of the promising results we’re seeing. Next year we’ll continue to get the product in more peoples hands, as well as to improve on the product. With big changes for analytics in 2023, we expect more companies to be asking what value are we getting from our existing analytics. We have a deep roadmap of things yet to come, continuing on the thread of democratizing access to the tools & techniques big companies use. If you’re a reader, and not yet a user, do give it a try.

Thank you for reading, sending notes and stories in. I look forward to tackling 23 together, may you all have a viva magenta year ahead.

Notable stories this week

  • The E-mail Newsletter for the Mogul Set.
  • Huge launches an editorially independent publication – Huge Moves.
  • Revue is closing down. Creators need to get their content/subscribers our fairly fast and will unfortunately face churn on their paid subscribers. 🙁
  • WaPo to discontinue ad tech arm Zeus as a standalone business.
  • Google Year in Search 2022.
  • Adam Singolda on the 30 year Yahoo deal.
  • What the next crop of media startups will look like.
  • Google Ad Manager outage costs big websites ad sales and Twitter’s ad manager traffic volume has declined significantly.
  • Vice makes cutbacks.
  • Meet Performance Max, the Blackest Box of all Google Ad products.
  • Twitter has a plan to force personalized ads on customers.
  • Inside Tumblr’s strategy to use Twitter’s chaos to bring back brands.
  • Netflix lets advertisers take their money back after missing viewership targets. Building that goodwill.
  • The new Netflix era requires broad hits and dopamine experiments.


Campaign of the week

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Smartest commentary

  • “Everything old is new again. Magazines seem to be coming back in style among brand publishers. Notable ones recently from @netflixqueue @hugeinc and National Research Group.”Shareen Pathak, Co-founder Toolkits

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