Ben Young
Ben Young
December 23, 2021

Edition #353
Deal mania continues and we have a NFT :O.

One big thing

For a bit of fun and to say thank you, we minted some Nudge Punk NFTS. 

If you’re a regular reader (we’ll check) send over your Solana wallet address and we’ll send you one. Thank you all for subscribing and sharing feedback through the year.

If you need to get a wallet, I recommend creating a wallet with which works in your browser, then import it in to Solflare on to your phone. Both will display your NFTs. 

Thursday is my last day in the office, so if you don’t hear from me, I’ll pick it up in the new year 🙂 

Here is the final edit of the year below. 

Notable stories this week


Campaign of the Week


That’s it for this week.