Brands are creating their studios and in turn streaming services. With the express aim of building direct relationships with their market.

For those seeking to understand the success of their streaming efforts. We offer a video measurement API. Enabling technology teams to send events, have them processed and then the results retrieved by API.

Examples of reporting:

  • Who is watching and where
  • Most popular content
  • Repeat watching of content
  • Popular times of day and days of week
  • Drop off rates, average view time

You can also record custom events and retrieve those.

See here for docs. How to feed events from your player in to Nudge.

CloudFlare TV is a great example of one such brand building out their own programming. Salesforce have announced their own with Salesforce Studios.

Popular html5 video players are VideoJS, BrightCove, Video.js, FlowPlayer, JPlayer/JWPlayer. Whether you use a streaming API provider like CloudFlare, Cloudinary or a Video CDN.

People are using these players an for virtual events, their own streaming services, an OTT/CTV platform. Or everything in between.