Ben Young
Ben Young
September 1, 2017

In the race to its IPO, BuzzFeed caves and opens up to programmatic display. Well, that’s the headline but this is a good step, opening up BuzzFeed to the wider programmatic ecosystem. How soon till people are placing native in those display units ;)? I’m sure more than a few readers are about to, or have already.

Notable Stories this Week


Campaign of the Week

  • If you’re done 24/32 of these things you’re a legit traveler. Visa Checkout + Marriott Rewards.
  • Esri + Quartz, Businesses are discovering the hidden value in their data: location intelligence. Great headline and the content delivers.

Smartest commentary

  • “We’ve branded ourselves to death,” he said. “We don’t need more clutter. We’re here to find small threads of interest and connect and amplify them – we’re entering a connection economy.”Seth Godin
  • “Facebook video has value but not immediate revenue value. There’s no money in news feed video. It’s an avenue for people to have a bigger reach, to sell branded content. YouTube is a way to build a loyal audience and drive revenue because of the pre-roll program.”Mike McAvoy, CEO TheOnion

Datapoints of note


  • Finally, a DMEXCO role call, who is heading along? LMK, and I’ll do a shout out. Vice versa if you’re hosting any events there.