Ben Young
Ben Young
June 2, 2017

Cannes is creeping up, lmk if you’d like to meet. The team have lots of littles goodies yet to be released to the public eye – which we’d love to share.

#NativeAdChats is also up, join for the in-between chats.

Notable Stories this Week


Campaign of the Week


Smartest commentary
  • “Native ads are read, not just seen”Dan Greenberg, CEO Sharethrough
  • Why native ads are the new black. “Imran believes in the immense potential of native advertising in Southeast Asia. The reason is simple — within the next few years …. the next billion users are coming online for the very first time. However, he believes native advertising will not be done the same way in Southeast Asia as compared to how our western counterparts do it. Native advertising has to be localized to individual markets; quality content not only has to be seamless and sophisticated, it needs to be grounded in their local cultural context and language for any chance to be successful.”



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