Ben Young
Ben Young
May 5, 2017

I’m back! After a week exploring Montauk I’m back in the hot seat.
We had NewFronts this week, Twitter surprised with sharing that 50% of their logged in users are under 25. Very interesting. The thread of NewFronts -> premium publishers brand safe environments. As a contrast – FyreFestival brings heat on influencer campaigns….
I’ve been thinking about a couple of things:
1) When do we stop using the term native?
We’re not there yet. But, we’re at Edition 140 of TWINA, I reckon, before we get to episode 250, we’ll have to rename it.
Thoughts? What’s holding us back as an industry?
2) Where is the most recent breakout success?
I was following the McDonald’s SnapChat Application campaign which got lots of coverage.
Have we had the same for native? Not in recent history.
What’s next for us to really push this industry up a notch. Keen to hear your thoughts.

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Smartest commentary
  • “If any relationship between fake news and advertising exists, it’s parasitic, driven by greedy producers spreading viral-ready click-bait across social channels. Unwitting consumers who click are redirected to the shameless, deceptive content creator’s site. As the visit number increases, so does the advertisers’ bill. While they may be getting exposure, it’s likely not the exposure they want.” – Francis Turner, AdYouLike

^ I don’t mind this riff in response to Ralph Nader’s post on HuffPo, also a good read. The quote in particular Francis references:

  • “Now called “native” or “invisible” advertising, companies are investing big into Trojan horsing their sales pitches. An added benefit to these shifty sellers is that by shedding the legal baggage that comes attached to “pure” advertising, they are more able to make even more outrageous and unprovable assertions about their products. Perhaps a more accurate term is “ambush advertising.”


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That’s it, thanks for reading. Till next week.