Ben Young
Ben Young
December 18, 2014

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Campaign of the Week:

10 Emoji Greeting Cards That Will Get You Through The Holidays

Everything can be said better with emojis.


Why we like it:

AT&T is a social brand, bringing that through to Christmas Cards is a great idea, simple nice execution and timely.

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Quote of the Week:

 Source: Digiday


Why Rant uses its reporters to write native ads

Having a native ad product is table stakes for publishers these days. But in addition to scale, the biggest challenge is coming up with content that people will actually read. For many publishers, the answer is to hire journalists to work on dedicated native ad teams.

There is another way: Sports and lifestyle upstart Rant is among a small but growing number of outlets, including Hearst Magazines, Dennis Publishing, Mail Online and Say Media, that use their editorial staff to write ad copy.

Source: Digiday


The Best Native Ads of 2014

In our look at hundreds of native advertising experiences that sprung up in 2014, we found that for the most part the overall quality of the content improved between 2013 to 2014.  But authenticity, transparency and editorial value continue to be areas for improvement , with quite a few native ads coming up a little short in at least one of those areas.

Source: Outbrain


Why Media Companies should pay Attention to Medium’s Native Ads

There are plenty of things about Medium that are interesting from a media point of view, including the fact that it is a blend of platform and publisher — hosting content that others write for free, but also commissioning its own content from established writers. But one of the things that doesn’t get written about a lot is the company’s approach to native advertising or sponsored content, which is something I think more media outlets should be paying attention to, and/or stealing ideas from if they can.

Source: Gigaom


YouTube 2014 Top 10 Videos: Nearly Half Native Ads

The time has come for the internet to release its top ten lists, from the highest number of  re-tweets on Twitter to the most popular videos on Youtube. Not only was the year good for the Mutant Spider Dog, but native advertising had a staggering presence too. In 2007, YouTube released its first ever top 10 list and the animal documentary Battle at Kruger was at the top, with zero ads present. Seven years layer, nearly half of the most viewed videos were in fact native ads.

Source: Native Ads

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