Ben Young
Ben Young
November 12, 2015

Campaign of the Week:

Congratulations T Brand Studio to your 100th paid content post!

Source: New York Times


Why we like it:

GE and The New York Times tackle the subject of ‘How Nature Is Inspiring Our Industrial Future’ in their latest piece of native content. In fact this is the 100th piece of sponsored content, since T Brand Studio launched 2 years. The post includes video, article and interactive content that takes the reader through GE’s journey to find efficient ways of creating innovation by copying and working with nature.

Quote of the Week

It’s not just about the number of people who are consuming the content, but who those people are, what are they doing afterwards they’re exposed to the content and how engaged they are with the content” 

– Ann Marinovich, Forbes



How native ads compare to traditional display ads

To show exactly how native ads compare to traditional display ads, StackAdapt released an infographic analyzing those 1,500 campaigns, which appeared on publisher sites.

Source:IT Business


What Are Native Ads’ Status Among Publishers?

Digiday discussed this very question with several attendees at their “WTF Is Native Advertising?” event last week. But they weren’t just casual registrants; these were representatives from the likes of Forbes, Gawker, Mental Floss, Vox, and more.

Source: Mequoda


As Print Fades, Part 4: Native Advertising on the rise

Since the first piece of native advertising appeared in The Times almost two years ago, Meredith Kopit Levien, the chief revenue officer, has tried to walk a fine like: aggressively tapping into a promising new revenue source without breaching the wall between advertising and journalism.

Source: New York Times


What Small Businesses Should Know About Using Native Ads

Native ads can be an effective alternative to the banner ad, and more businesses seem to be taking note. Yet many small businesses still aren’t utilizing this new ad format to drive growth. This may be because they’re still not exactly sure what native ads are.

Source: American Express


At AskMen, native advertising means hosting running events for Asics

The next phase of native advertising might involve flexing a few experiential muscles. AskMen, the men’s lifestyle news site, has over the last few months focused its native ad agency into evolving its native ad offering beyond digital content and into the real world.

Source: Digiday


Ads Based On Time Of Day Help Native Content Stand Out

The New York Times rolled out a new ad format in September called Mobile Moments. The ads are customized to the seven moments in a given day that are most important to readers, as identified through a 12-month study conducted by the Times’ editorial product team.

Source: Adage