We made it, we survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
One big thing
Reductionism. The art of reducing complexity to improve what remains.
I was chatting with some analysts this week – and they think the martech space is going to get a lot of consolidation (on the tech side). And to prepare for that.
The reason is simple. Things have gotten far too complicated, and even the smartest, most plugged in thinker that attends every vendor briefing can’t keep up with what’s going on. Marketers simply don’t have time to consume all the media, know all the tools, let alone achieve all of their objectives. It has gotten too much.
Notable stories this week


Campaign of the week


  • “Conversations with over 400 marketers over the last year revealed that just one in six marketers said they actually suffered from a lack of content” –Noah Brier, Co-Founder Percolate

Datapoints of note


That’s it, Happy Friday.