Ben Young
Ben Young
October 1, 2015

Campaign of the Week:

The 30-Day Challenge That Will Transform Your Body

Source: Refinery29


Why we like it:

Three essential tips from AdWeek on paid content were: Make the product essential to the piece, include buy now options and make sure the content is useful to the consumer. This forward thinking piece of sponsored content did all of these.


Quote of the Week

The best sponsored content is if you were to take the brand out of it, it would make no sense. The more product focused it is the better it is to the user.”

– Dan Greenberg, Sharethrough 


AdWeek Edition, 3 Takeaways for Native Advertising


Data informing content

The key takeaway from Adweek was that it’s essential that your paid content is informed by insights and data. The storytelling isn’t separate it should be informed by strong insights which strike a chord with the consumer. The data is essential to help plan, execute and optimize.

Data, math and science underpin everything we do to release more creativity. It’s foundational”

Allie Kline – AOL


Mobile continues to be a key focus with people on average spending: 3 hours, 40 minutes every day on mobile. It’s where a large portion of your native advertising content is going to be read and it’s integral that rather than just thinking of desktop or mobile you’re thinking of the experience the user is having within the device.

We have to reimagine our use case for being essential on people’s phones”

Meredith Kopit Levien – New York Times

Ad Blocking

A large portion of panelists at AdWeek felt that this is advertising self correcting itself. It’s the consumers having more control over their media and therefore the advertising and not being impressed with what’s on offer. Most publishers said that there wasn’t only a need to focus on better creative but the majority are putting more investment into native content and their studios as the best approach.

Ad Blocking is the Ad world being disrupted, similar to the music industry. It’s forcing us to create better value for the consumer.”

Penry Price –  LinkedIn