Ben Young
Ben Young
July 17, 2014

Campaign of the Week: Five Ways Good Design Can Help Your Business

Good design is good business. Now more than ever this well-worn phrase, coined by long-time IBM Chairman-CEO Thomas Watson Jr., is worth repeating. In an increasingly competitive business landscape, design is the new battleground and the success of your business depends on it.



Source: AdAge

Why we like it:
It’s a great piece, that lines up and extends with what Area17 is about.  Great use of the AdAge audience – their exact customers.  And we liked how well it performed.


Quote of the Week:


Source: YouTube



Native Advertising Comes to E-Commerce

If digital publishers thought they had native advertising all to themselves, they may want to think again.
Source: AdAge


Native ads work really well, when done really well

BuzzFeed says that for every 10 people that see a native ad, three will share it with friends. That’s free advertising that you can’t get with a banner ad.

Source: itBusiness


Time Inc. Creates Native Ad Group to Forge Programs Across Brands

Time Inc. has created an eight-person unit to focus on native advertising at the publishing company, led by a staffer from the editorial side, Sports Illustrated Group Creative Director Chris Hercik, and another from the business side, Senior VP-Marketing and Sales Development Priya Narang.

Source: AdAge


Study: Sponsored Content Has a Trust Problem

Sponsored content. Paid posts. Partner stories. Whatever you want to call it, it’s drummed up its share of controversy over the past year as the vast majority of publishers have adopted some sort of native advertising offering. The media industry’s echo chamber is teeming with talk of it.


You can view a video about it here on

Source: Contently +



There is a Native Advertising Summit being held by ShareThrough in San Francisco July 22nd.  We’ll be there.

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